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Return Address Labels


Return Address Labels You Can Personalize for Customer Mail

Create address labels that distinguish your package or message. Personalize every detail—from the font, colors, and shapes—so customers feel special upon receiving the mail. Choose from a variety of sizes in standard shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, and oval. Custom sizes and shapes are also available if you have a specific design in mind.

Get your cheap address labels roll or individually cut. Cut-to-size can be printed on 70 lb. matte, gloss or high gloss with optional rounded corners and are ready to be shipped in as little as 1 business day. Roll labels are available in rectangle, square, circle, or oval shapes, and can be printed on an adhesive paper, plastic/film BOPP, or textured paper. At L.F. Graphics, return address label printing also allows you to get them in custom shapes. You’ll also get a free proof for your design when you order address labels.

Start Customizing Address Labels With the Right Format

Print personalized address labels with the best format for your needs. Your choice will depend on the order quantity and the mode of application:

  • Cut-to-size labels are ordered in quantities below 250 pieces. These are normally applied by hand on envelopes and smaller packages.
  • Roll labels come in quantities above 250. They’re ideal for fast and easy application on bulk sets of packaging and messaging with a label gun.
  • Sheet labels are a common format for return address labels. This format lets you print a specific quantity on one sheet. It’s also recommended for smaller quantities that will be sent out in the mail. The number of labels per sheet help you keep track of the packages delivered.

How to Print Address Labels

After selecting the label format, you can customize the shape, size, and other important details:

  1. Select a square or rectangle if you need extra room for your company name, address, and logo. Add rounded corners for an elegant touch to this shape in roll labels.
  2. The circle or oval is recommended for designs that play with typography and calligraphy.
  3. Special shapes such as arch, hexagon, heart, and starburst let you stand out from the usual appearance of return address labels. You can also print a custom size and die cut shape for the roll format.
  4. Select a material that suits your address label’s intended look and mode of delivery. Print in waterproof vinyl to keep the branding looking good as new. Check out the Material & Specs tab to better guide your choice of label materials.
  5. Upload a design or download any of our templates to create a new file. You can also create your artwork on our easy-to-use online design tool.

Return Address Labels FAQs

Do you offer waterproof materials for custom address labels?

Yes, you can print on waterproof 4 mil. white vinyl high gloss (UV) for cut-to-size address labels. Note that the label’s waterproof qualities will depend on the quantity printed in your order. Address label orders at 250 and above stay waterproof in both hot and cold water.

Smaller quantities that start at 25 pieces are waterproof when left overnight in cold or tap water. However, the vinyl will peel off when submerged in hot water.


What is the best sticker format for return address labels?

The cut-to-size is recommended for its lower price and application on smaller number of messages or packaging.


Why is the turnaround time for cut-to-size labels faster than that of roll labels?

The printer used for cut-to-size labels prints faster compared to the one used for roll labels. Roll labels are also ordered in larger quantities, so its printer requires more stages compared to that of a cut-to-size label order. Some of the production steps of roll labels include laminating, die-cutting, and packaging.


Can I print die-cut or irregularly shaped roll labels?

Yes, you can print die-cut or special shaped roll address labels. After selecting roll as your label type, indicate “Custom” among the shape options. Several width and height dimensions will appear for you to choose from.


How should I submit an address label design with a die-cut shape?

After following the instructions above, submit a file where the dieline is indicated for your shape. The dieline points out where to cut so that your desired shape is produced.


Can I upload my own file to print address labels?

Yes, you can upload a file directly from your computer. Select “Upload Your File & Order Now” after inputting your address label’s specs. You can upload a file directly from your computer, Dropbox, or One Drive. The recommended file formats for upload are:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • AI
  • PUB


What sizes are available for return address labels?

We offer a wide range of sizes for both cut-to-size and roll return address and address labels. The available dimensions depend on your preferred shape:

  • Square and rectangle cut-to-size labels range from 2” x 2”, 3” x 7”, to 9” x 12”.
  • Circle cut-to-size labels are in small (2” x 2”), medium (3” x 3”), and large (4” x 4”).
  • Oval cut-to-size labels come in a range wider than the circle, starting at 1.5” x 2.5” and reaching up to 6” x 4”.
  • The range for circle, square, rectangle, and oval roll labels is wider compared to the cut-to-size type. Over 10 dimensions are available for each standard shape.