Shipping Boxes

Product Boxes


Make custom product boxes work for you.

Custom printed product boxes, also known as folding cartons, give your product a professional look while keeping your brand front and center of every order you sell, ship, or hand out.

Whether you are selling cupcakes, makeup, essential oils, or golf balls, our custom product box printing gives you the tools you need to make your best impression. You can also use them as gift boxes for men or women.

Our custom product boxes can be ordered in single-layer cardstock for higher print quality and smoother finish, or on multi-layer corrugated material for more durability.

Use your custom boxes as:

  • Custom cosmetic boxes
  • Candle boxes
  • Retail boxes
  • Soap Boxes
  • Custom Wine Boxes
  • Printed gift boxes for major clients
  • Unique product packaging for almost anything


Straight tuck end is the most popular box style for retail and display purposes. However, we can make any other style you need.

A few other popular retail box styles:

  • Reverse tuck end boxes
  • Snap-lock bottom boxes
  • Auto bottom boxes
  • Seal end boxes
  • Hexagon boxes


Orders of custom product boxes require only 15-20 business days to produce. We print, cut and glue your product boxes using the most advanced equipment and ship them to you door anywhere in the US.