• Promote your brand indoors & outdoors
  • Order more than 1,000 posters
  • Vibrant gloss or elegant matte finish
  • Choose from impressive paper & cardstock options
  • Say & save more with bulk poster printing.

    Posters are go-to promotional tools for marketing and political campaigns, event announcements, and business advertising. Bulk poster printing gets the word out on a major announcement. L.F. Graphics wholesale deals let you maximize more at a lower price.

    What Are the Standard Sizes Available?

    We offer three standard poster sizes. The dimensions will depend on what you have to say and where you intend to display the posters.

    • 11” x 17” is a smaller size normally seen on posters displayed outdoors. It is big enough to be seen from a short distance and fits in public spaces such as bulletin boards.
    • 18” x 24” is the standard medium size for advertorials, campaign designs, and other mass promotions.
    • 24” x 36” is the standard for large posters that promote big events such as concerts or are used as decorative displays. Ideal for announcements seen in outdoor venues.

    If your preferred size is not among the choices, then you can request for a custom size on our online calculator.

    Which Materials Should I Choose for My Personalized Posters?

    We narrow down your choices to 2 flexible paper materials and 2 durable card stock options.

    80 lb. Paper

    • The thinnest, most flexible option
    • Durable, lightweight paper
    • Available in a vibrant, gloss finish resistant to markings
    • Ideal for indoor displays

    100 lb. Paper

    • The thicker paper choice
    • Available in reflective gloss or smooth matte
    • Perfect for announcements made in indoor & outdoor venues

    10 pt. Cardstock

    • The lightweight cardstock option
    • Print one or both sides in matte or gloss
    • Both finishes bring out the details on your design

    14 pt. Cardstock

    • Our heftiest & most durable option available
    • Colorful promotions are sure to stand out in high gloss or elegant matte
    • Print one or both sides in high gloss UV for outdoor displays