Discount Cards


Reward Customers and Build Brand Loyalty With Discount Cards .

Sometimes all you need is one last nudge to get customers to buy a product. Discount cardsalso known as rewards cardscan make that happen. 

Discount loyalty cards work on any level. Big businesses can encourage higher sales with their large, loyal customer database. Small businesses can use them as membership cards to establish and grow an existing market. Retail isn’t the only industry that maximizes this promotional item. Those in the medical space use them as prescription or pharmacy discount cards. Other industries create rewards cards for their loyal followers. 

How Do Discount Cards Help With Your Customer Loyalty Marketing?

They tap a market already interested in your product, for half the cost spent on new customers. 

Discount cards and their respective loyalty programs work best on existing customers. Forbes reports that you spend five times more on getting a new customer, who has a 5 to 20% likelihood of sale to your itemSmall to medium business owners are better off investing in a loyalty card for their current customersAccording to the Invesp Blog, you have a 60 to 70% probability of selling to an existing customer. Customer loyalty cards help you tap this current database and encourage these customers to try your latest products.  


Custom loyalty cards provide a points-based system that rewards customers. 

Give customers a reason to come back and make the most of your service. You can have them earn points with each purchase or reward them with a discount upon acquiring a specific number of services. But make sure the rewards they receive from the points are clear. Otherwise, they won’t bother hitting the required mark. 


Help them save money. 

You can also print membership cards that offer exclusive discounts or cash backs based on their purchases. You can include a special discount that only members can enjoy during specific times of the year, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Cash backs are also helpful for frequent purchases like groceries.  


Start increasing your customer retention with exclusive deals in discount cards. Upload your print-ready design or create your artwork online to get started.